aromatherapy healing

Aromatherapy with Essential & Scented oils Aromatherapy oils improves your mood, mental state or health. These scented oils are made up by roots, seeds, leaves of plants. This is totally natural or herbal process. The herbs essence in essential oil relax your brain (cells) and controls your mood. The fresh essence of oil makes you […]

Mosquito Trap By Ecotropos

Are you still confused about Electric mosquito killer lamp and Bug Lights? Are you still finding out the reasons why these mosquito killer lamp are better? Better than old methods of killing bugs and mosquitoes? Don’t worry!! Ecotropos with all the comfort products is here for you. We will discuss here why these lights are […]

essential oils and emotions

Why Aromatherapy with Essential Oils and Emotions? Holistic Healing Aromatherapy Aromatherapy has long been a part of holistic healing. The use of essential oils and essential oils and emotions helps in boosting the immune system and emotion which infact gives relief to the body and mind by promoting the blood circulation and proper lymphatic drainage.  […]