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  • CORRENTE Night Light –  Mosquito Killer and Insect Trap is a night light and mosquito/insect trapping device. One can choose either Night Light Mode or Mosquito Trap Mode. When Night Light Mode is chosen, one can decide from white light and warm light, dim or bright. This device is perfect for those who want some light at night or during sleep. When Mosquito Trap Mode is chosen, UV LED light will turn on and the strong fan will begin working.
  • UV light has been proven to attract mosquitoes and other insects more effectively than other lights. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Placing the device away from other light sources makes it even more effective. Once a mosquito or any small insect is close enough to the device, the strong fan will suck and trap it into the collecting container where it will die by dehydration.
  • No dangerous chemicals or pollutants are used in the process. Simply attach the USB cable to any USB port to charge. The hook design makes it perfect to carry along especially for camping or traveling (power bank is recommended).