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Corrente Night Light and Mosquito Trap with Rechargeable Battery

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  • CORRENTE Night Light –  Mosquito Killer and Insect Trap is a night light and mosquito/insect trapping device. One can choose either Night Light Mode or Mosquito Trap Mode. When Night Light Mode is chosen, one can decide from white light and warm light, dim or bright. This device is perfect for those who want some light at night or during sleep. When Mosquito Trap Mode is chosen, UV LED light will turn on and the strong fan will begin working.
  • UV light has been proven to attract mosquitoes and other insects more effectively than other lights. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Placing the device away from other light sources makes it even more effective. Once a mosquito or any small insect is close enough to the device, the strong fan will suck and trap it into the collecting container where it will die by dehydration.
  • No dangerous chemicals or pollutants are used in the process. Simply attach the USB cable to any USB port to charge. The hook design makes it perfect to carry along especially for camping or traveling (power bank is recommended).

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Duration (Without Power Supply): Night light mode 6-8 hours; mosquito/insect trap mode 2 hours

User Manual
Night Light & Mosquito/Insect Trap or Indoor mosquito trap 
Safety Caution
During Use
– Do not use this indoor mosquito trap or mosquito killer if fan, battery or unit seems damaged in anyway.
– Do not place the device upside down or horizontally.

Safety Caution
– For best results and to prolong the battery life, recharge the battery of this indoor mosquito trap at least once every two months.
– Do not use this mosquito trap indoor in direct sunlight, near flames or near very high temperatures.
– Do not turn on if water enters the device.
– Do not disassemble device.
– Keep out of reach of children or pets.
– Do not use device if it appears damaged in anyway.
– This mosquito killer Recommended usage for ages 8+.
– For troubleshooting visit support.

– UV LEDs are safe, environmentally friendly mosquito killer, mosquito trap indoor energy efficient and long lasting. White LED light is used during Night Light Mode and muted machine works.
UV Violet Light (375nm)
– UV light has been proven to attract mosquitoes more effective than other lights.
– The muted machine works and hook design makes the light easy to carry especially for camping or traveling.

Safety Caution
Before Use

Before using this all in one indoor mosquito trap you must keep these points in mind.

– Do not disassemble or modify this mosquito killer or mosquito machine.
– Do not insert anything other than provided USB cable into USB port, air inlet and inner air outlet.
– Avoid exposure to water.
– Only use this mosquito machine as intended per this manual.

After Use
– Clean the monster killer, mosquito machine, regularly to avoid germs and mold with a damp cloth.

Components & Parts Exploded View

On/Off Button Main body

Insect Strainer Insect Container

USB Port

USB Cable

Insect Trap Mode

Night Light Mode

Battery Indicator

Directions of Usage of this indoor mosquito trap
Night Light Mode Button
– One short press will turn on the white light, second press to change to warm light and a third press to turn off.
– Press and hold the night light button to brighten or dim the light.
– The device will switch off automatically after 12 hours of operation.
– Without USB power supply, maximum operation time will be; Night Light mode 6-8 hours, Mosquito/Insect Trap mode 2 hours.
* Charge capacity will be reduced over time due to the nature of lithium battery.

Insect Trap Mode Button
– One short press will turn on UV light and fan.
– Press again to turn off insect trap mode.
– Insects are trapped inside strainer. The strainer needs to be emptied daily.

How to charge this Mosquito Killer?
– Fully charge this indoor mosquito trap before using it before first use.
– Attach provided USB cable to a powered USB port to begin charging.
– Charging will take approximately takes 6 hours.
– This mosquito killer lamp needs to be charged when the indicator light turns from bright green to red.
– The indicator light will be amber during charging then change to green when it is fully charged.
– For troubleshooting visit Ecotropos support.


How to store this Mosquito Killer Lamp?
– Clean this atomic zapper, monster trapper mosquito machine regularly.
– Clean the Insect Strainer with a clean damp cloth.
– Do not store this mosquito killer lamp in direct sunlight.


Certificate Safety Standard
CORRENTE Night Light & Mosquito/Insect Trap complies with RoHs and EMC requirement of the European Community.
– Maximum charging input cannot exceed DC5V 2A. NEED TO CLARIFY
– Clean and dry the device thoroughly in between long periods of non-usage.
– Attach all components together and store away.

How to dispose this Mosquito Killer Lamp?
– If the lithium battery begins leaking, DO NOT touch the liquid.
– If the battery liquid gets into your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water and consult a doctor immediately.
– If battery liquid comes into contact with your skin, wash it off immediately with water.
– If you choose to travel by airplane with the device, please consult with your airline and follow all safety regulations/guidelines.
– Please follow all local governmental regulations concerning recycling of lithium battery.
– Visit support if you need further assistance.

CORRENTE Night Light & Insect Trap
Manufactured by
DONGGUAN JIHUI ELECTRONICS & PLASTICS PRODUCTS.,LTD Address: Chai Uk Industrial Estate Phasa 4, Wusha, Changan, Dongguan,Guangdong Province,China.
Tel: (86)76985546284

Dimensions 110X110X224mm
Power 5V 1A 1-4W
Li-Po Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
Recommended 5-40 °C
Temperature 41-105 °F
Charge Time 6 hours
Operation Time Night Light mode 4 hours, Insect Trap mode 2 hours
Accessories USB cable

Made in China

Patent number: 202030015895.215
Printed July 2020

Weight 0.680389 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 224 cm

4 reviews for Corrente Night Light and Mosquito Trap with Rechargeable Battery

  1. Shirley
    5 out of 5


    Single solution for all bugs and mosquitoes. Very Helpful!!

  2. Shirley
    5 out of 5


    Single solution for all bugs and mosquitoes. Very Helpful!!

  3. William
    5 out of 5


    Well!! I A recommended product to get a bite-free house.

  4. jimeh
    5 out of 5


    Almost kills all insects, bugs, and mosquitoes. Buy it and give it a try.

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